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Schmidt Sausage Haus 
Roll on In ~ Sushi Burritos

THE SCHMIDT FAMILY began delivering Real German Food in 1886, adding a fleet of trucks in the early 1900s. The fifth generation proudly introduces the newest addition to the fleet … the Schmidt’s Sausage Truck (SST)! Launched in September of 2012, the SST made its first appearance at the Ohio State vs. Miami of Ohio football game.

THE MENU features Schmidt’s favorites like the Bahama Mama, Bratwurst and our famous Schmidt’s Jumbo Cream Puff as well as Knockwurst, Fat Daddy’s (Thick German spicy Bologna), Frankfurter, German Potato Salad and cold and hot toppings.


Roll On In began as a simple idea. A seasoned sushi chef saw the idea begin to flourish out on the west coast and saw the potential for its success on the east coast. Bringing together a mash up of traditional japanese, mexican, and greek ingredients you are sure to have an explosion of flavors in any combination.


With a menu compiled of a mash up of japanese, mexican, and greek foods everyone is sure to be able to throw together a combination that will be bursting with flavors. We feature a wide variety of proteins ranging from chicken teriyaki, to sweet chili gyro, to fresh saku tuna and salmon. Our fillers section is no different with a wide variety of fresh product ranging from a spicy asian slaw to a corn salsa.

What the Taco

Opening in 2018, What the Taco is the freshest taco food truck in Dayton! Serving unique tacos, quesadillas, burritos & soup with nothing but fresh ingredients!

Patriot Grill

Patriot Grill, known for their all American Philly cheesesteak with homemade French fries! But fill up on any of their delectable items like the chicken Philly, gourmet hot dogs, burgers, fresh squeezed lemonade and more!

Donatos Pizza

When you think about it, pizza is all about bringing people together. The real fun happens when it’s shared by many — that moment when the box is opened and eager hands appear from every direction to help themselves.

Your Donatos pizza is loaded Edge to Edge® with toppings – so it’s consistently delicious, bite after savory bite!

Family Treats & Grill on Wheels

Family Treats & Grill On Wheels provides fresh locally sourced natural food for their greater Cincinnati diners.  Our recipes have been gathered over countless generations and across many families with strong roots in the grilling and the tradition of BBQ. Bring the whole family and experience our down home cooking for yourself. You'll never forget your first time! You'll be back for more.

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